How to Spot a Psychopath

“Find out if she knows what you are.”

How to Spot a Psychopath

MQ Webb – April 2020

Mia is missing, Jessica won’t talk, Oscar is seeking redemption.

When four-year-old Mia Edwards goes missing on a play date, everyone suspects that Jessica Green knows what happened to her, especially Mia’s mother, Holly, but Jessica isn’t talking, and time is running out to find Mia alive.

Forensic Psychiatrist Dr. Oscar de la Nuit knows he can help Jessica, but first he must face his tragic past and confront his own demons to uncover a truth no one expected.

Psychological Thriller – Highly recommended for fans of The Silent Patient, Hannibal, Big Little Lies, Before I go to Sleep.

Fans of mind-bending psychological thrillers will appreciate this tangled tale. Readers are thrust into Oscar’s anxiety-stricken world as he awaits Jessica’s arrival. Time-alternating chapters between Jessica’s then and Oscar’s build suspense and provide critical background information, while revealing character and teasing out the pleasingly layered and perplexing truth.
Great for fans of: Alex Michaelides’s The Silent Patient, Lisa Scottoline’s Every Fifteen Minutes

Booklife Reviews

Thriller readers will find plenty to enjoy in the intriguing How to Spot a Psychopath, which is adept at building psychological tension as it reveals a missing child, a classmate’s silence, and a forensic psychologist who struggles with his own past while trying to piece together the puzzle of an impossibly challenging case. Recommended for mystery and suspense readers looking for more psychological depth and interpersonal revelations than most thriller genre reads offer. 

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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MQ Webb